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All work is done in U.S. Nothing goes Overseas.

  •  Have been working in Accounting, Auditing, Business Management, and Income Tax area with a large U.S. Corporation, and various CPA, Law, and Tax firms since 1980. 
  • Trained and worked in Corporate Audits, Accounting, Financial Planning and Analysis areas at Texas Instruments, Inc. Dallas, Texas where my assignments  were  subject to the peer review by its Big CPA Firm AY & Company.
  • An IRS Enrolled Agent  federally authorized to represent in all 50 US states. I have an MBA from the University of Dallas, Texas, and M.A. from the University of Allahabad, India. 

Personal & Business Taxes, FBAR/FATCA, Entity Formation & Bookkeeping

  • Any simple to complex Individual returns.  
  • Business Schedule-C, Partnership, C-Corp and S-Corp returns. 
  • SPECIALIZE in  Tax Planning for small business owners with a W-2 income in family.  
  • Prepare FBAR, FATCA related forms, returns for Non-Residents and U.S. Expatriates. 
  • Business Entities Formation.
  • Bookkeeping. 



 Hard to beat Prices.


  • Liens, Levy and wage garnishments.
  • Negotiate and prepare payment Installment Agreements.
  • First time penalty abatement. 
  • Obtain IRS transcripts, analyze and prepare required reports.
  • Prepare unfiled back returns.  
  • Use NO pressure or scare tactics,  and I am a local.
  • Please email me for an appointment.


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